• Working to make healthy
    waterways for better fishing
    and a better future

  • Working to make healthy
    waterways for better fishing
    and a better future

Burrendong Classic Rules

Burrendong Classic Rules 

1. Competitors must be registered before a fish can be entered in to competition.

2. Registrations will be taken by the IWRA committee at the big marquee prior to the competition starting, and during the event for latecomers:

Briefing time will be 4.00pm on Good Friday, 19th of April 2019.

Fishing times will be:

Following the briefing on Good Friday,  until lines up at 1.00pm Sunday 21st of April:

Carp and Redfin measuring will be for one hour at the end of each day to determine who wins the biggest carp and redfin sections in both Senior and Junior.

Catch and release sections are:

  • Golden Perch
  • Silver Perch
  • Murray Cod
  • Catfish

Both Senior and Junior prizes will be awarded. Juniors MUST BE 15 years of age or under at the time of the event.

Major prizes will be in the form of a lucky draw from all entry forms.

No more than one major prize per competitor.

3. Briefing times will be:

Main Briefing – Friday 4.00pm

Half Way Update Briefing – Saturday 4.00pm

Presentation – Sunday 3.00pm

4.  All fish measured must be caught within the confines of Burrendong Dam

5. Entrants will need to take a photo of their fish on their measuring mat with their unique ID tag on top of the fish, which all entrants will receive at the briefing. An activation code will be announced at the briefing to ensure that all competitors start fishing at the same time 


Catch and release species are Murray Cod, Golden Perch, Silver Perch and Catfish. Marshals will be at the Marquee all day every day to verify photos in the catch and release section.

The simple rule for catch and release photos will be if the marshal cannot read the measurements on the photo, the fish cannot be entered.

In order to be eligible for consideration in the catch and release part of the competition, two photographs must be supplied.

Photo 1: A clear image of the fish on our official brag mat with the unique id tag sitting clearly on top of the fish, with the entire fish and measurement clearly visible.

Photo 2: Another clear image showing the fish being released.

All carp and redfin will be counted, measured and disposed of at the main boat ramp for 1 hour at the end of each day’s fishing.

6. Any competitors found to be fishing illegally by the Fisheries Department will be automatically disqualified and any entry fees will be forfeited.

7. All prize winners MUST BE IN ATTENDANCE AT THE TIME OF THE PRESENTATION to receive their trophies or lucky draw prizes- or a re draw will occur. Photo ID is required to claim a major prize, or if the winner is a junior, a parent or guardian must be present.

8.  Each tagged yellow belly worth $1000 can only be claimed once, with the tagged fish then becoming ineligible if caught by any other entrant. The tagged fish must be caught and released during the competition hours only, with the activation code clearly written on the entrants tag.

9. All prizes will be won, except in the case if tagged fish are not registered.  

10. Only one prize per fish rule will apply 

11. Species to be removed from the water will be Carp and Redfin – prizes will be on offer for biggest bag AND biggest fish brought to the boat ramp at the end of each day’s fishing.

12. Prize divisions will be for size of species caught with the minimum length for all species as per the Fisheries rules and regulations for minimum sizes. All Redfin and Carp should be removed from the water immediately 

13. The competition is open to all – as long as entry fees are paid.

14. The IWRA organisers committee’s decision is final. Any competitor wishing to lodge a protest may do so in writing at the marshal’s station to a member of the committee. Such a protest must be made within the hour with the accompaniment of a protest fee of $150.00. The protest fee will be returned if the protest is upheld 

Prizes: The major prizes will be by draw of all registration forms at the end of the presentation. The winner must be present at the time of the draw and does not have to have measured or weighed in a fish.

Registration Fees:

$30.00 Senior

$30.00 Junior