• Working to make healthy
    waterways for better fishing
    and a better future

  • Working to make healthy
    waterways for better fishing
    and a better future

Record crowds for Easter Fishing Classic

Record crowds for Easter Fishing Classic

Record crowds for Easter Fishing Classic

13 June 2017

A record 1,305 fishers entered the 2017 EASTER Lake Burrendong fishing classic over the weekend, with an estimated 3,000 people gathering in the holiday park.

A huge showing of sponsorship support saw 108 businesses throw contributions at the event, with over $50,000 in prizes drawing in fishers from as far as New Zealand.

Near perfect weather conditions greeted those in attendance, with the crowd starting to build from

the Monday before the event to enjoy glassed out boating and fishing conditions.

Nicholas Cowen, aged 11 couldn't believe his luck when he was handed the keys to a brand new car at the Sunday presentation, whilst Jackie Wake from Dubbo and Steven Penrose from Orange both went home with a brand new boat in tow. 

With the impoundment sitting at 89%, there seemed to be quite a bit of water in between the fish, with fishers reporting the going to be quite slow at times. Scores of juvenile Redfin did keep the scoreboard ticking over for many entrants, with the biggest bag of 222 fish being taken out by Shay Johnston. The biggest Redfin overall was a fish of 36cm, extracted from the system by Keith Lawson. 38 proved the bag to beat when it came to the Carp section, with Michael McBue being crowned champion Mud Marlin eradicator, whilst Tim Weaver and Tony Zorz both caught a Carp of 70cm to tie for biggest Carp overall.

When it came to the natives, some nice Murray Cod were caught and released in the adult section, with a specimen of 69.2cm giving Julie Ratcliffe first place.  Norman Price boated a 63cm green fish for 2nd, with Paul Maxwell taking out 3rd with a Cod of 61.8cm.

As per usual, some beautiful Goldens were caught over the weekend, with fish of 61cm, 59cm, and 58.7cm all placing, caught by Michael Ratcliffe, Leanne Roach and Nathan Cox respectively.

Only one Silver Perch was registered in the adults, with Terry Moffat finding a fish of 38cm.

In the juniors, Cameron Constable caught the only Murray Cod at 64.9cm, whilst brothers Seth and Jayden Shelton took out first and second in the Yellowbelly with fish of 57cm and 50.7cm with Jack Taylor placing third with a specimen of 50.2cm.

Overall Results:



1st 61cm Michael Ratcliffe

2nd 59cm Leanne Roach

3rd 58.7cm Nathan Cox

Murray Cod

1st 69.2cm Julie Ratcliffe

2nd 63cm Norman Price

3rd 61.8cm Paul Maxwell


1st 55.8cm Adrian Mill 

2nd 52.9cm Michael Ratcliffe 

3rd 52.2cm Andrew McClure 

 Silver Perch

1st Terry Moffat 38cm


Yellow belly

1st 57cm Seth Shelton

2nd 50.7cm Jack Shelton

3rd 50.2cm Jack Taylor

 Murray Cod

1st 64.9cm Cameron Constable


1st 51.8cm Cameron Constable

2nd 50.2cm Connor Edwards

3rd 50cm Mikayla Bowd

Silver Perch

1st 42.5cm Locky Nelson

Pest Species

Biggest Redfin 36cm Keith Lawson

Biggest Bag of Redfin 222 Shay Johnston

Biggest Carp 70cm Tim Weaver & Tony Zorz

Biggest bag of Carp 38 Michael McBue

11 year old Nicholas Cowen from West Wyalong won a brand new car at the Easter Fishing Classic.